Aromatherapy / Body & Soul Products
Oils, Lotions, Soap etc.....Huile, lotions, savons etc.....

  Dynamo Pricelist [XLS]
Last Updated: 7/4/2008

  Essential Oils [PDF]
Last Updated: 7/4/2008

  Essential Oils - Price List [XLS]
Last Updated: 7/4/2008

Greeting cards and gift wrap paper [XLS]
Best Quality pictures on the market and plastic see through cover to protect the cards from stains Have a look at the designs available and combine cards and gift wrap paper on the same display unit for your convenience and the one of your customer. Me

  Cartes /Cards Pricelist [XLS]
Last Updated: 2/11/2010

  Cartes Glo/Glocards Pricelist [XLS]
Last Updated: 7/4/2008

  Classic Cards/Cartes Classique [PDF]
Last Updated: 2/11/2010

  Giftwrap/Papier [PDF]
Last Updated: 10/3/2006

  Glo cards/Cartes Glo [PDF]
Last Updated: 7/4/2008

  Papier/Giftwrap Pricelist [XLS]
Last Updated: 10/3/2006

Incense and Accessories [XLS]
High quality incense from all over the world in all shapes and forms.Encens de hautes qualite de partout dans le monde et sous toutes les formes.

  Bruleur Encens/Incense burners [PDF]
Last Updated: 7/4/2008

  Encens/ Pricelist Incense [XLS]
Last Updated: 1/11/2010

  Encens/Incense [PDF]
Last Updated: 7/4/2008

Sunglasses & Umbrellas [PDF]
Items such as sunglasses, reading glasses and umbrellas will help you maximize sales in your retail environment without any worries.Lunettes soleil et de lectures, parapluies sont des items qui vous aideront a maximiser l'espace de vente de votre bouti

  Sunglasses [PDF]
Last Updated: 8/4/2008

  Sunglasses Pricelist [XLS]
Last Updated: 2/5/2007

  Umbrella Pricelist [XLS]
Last Updated: 10/3/2006

Candles [XLS]
These top quality Canadian- Made candles are the best value your money can buy.faites au Canada de qualite superieure....Meilleur rapport qualite-prix

  Candles [PDF]
Last Updated: 1/11/2010

  Chandelles Pricelist [XLS]
Last Updated: 1/11/2010

Gift items [XLS]
Alarm clocks to beaded curtains. Our line of birthday sparklers is difficult to find on the market and generates sales for us and our retailer like you would not believe.Cadrans, rideaux, etincelleurs, toutes sortes de produts qui generent des ventes a

  Gift Items (Part I) [PDF]
Last Updated: 10/3/2006

  Gift Items (Part II) [PDF]
Last Updated: 10/3/2006

  Gifts Pricelist [XLS]
Last Updated: 10/3/2006

Key rings/PORTE CLES [XLS]
This section features all the new products launched recently by A.D.S. and also some miscellaneous products like the Life–Savers Key rings, one of our top seller. Please come back to this section regularly as it will change often.cette section comprend

  New Misc [PDF]
Last Updated: 10/3/2006

Greeting Cards/Cartes de Souhaits Sunglasses/Lunettes Soleil Aromatherapy/Aromatherapie
click hereSee our new collection of greeting cards.
Say it with a card!Voyez nos nouveaux modeles....Dites-le avec une carte.
click hereMaximize sales in your retail environment without any worries!Augmenter vos ventes sans soucis.
click hereHighest Quality, tested and certified.New Red Tea and Yuzu Product/Haute qualite, Certifie. Nouveau Thé rouge et Yuzu

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